Vinyl! Huzzah for the turntable!

I just about fell over when I read that the new recording will be offered on vinyl...does anyone else out there still have their turntables? I find that there's something so satisfying about actual records -- and I've found them able to put up with much more abuse than CDs (the tragic "television-dropped-on-ABBA-album-of-1978" incident is a case in point).
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Vinyl never really went away, and a vinyl release of a new recording is not unusual at all. They often include a "special code" which lets you download the release as an Mp3.

The difference between the sound of vinyl and CD can be jaw dropping..

Whilst I'm not critisizing Loreena's releases, which to my ears are very nicely mastered.. a large majority of current CD releases are dreadful. They sound bright , harsh & compressed..

Bruce Springsteen's "magic" is a perfect example of how not to master a CD.

It's also a good marketing ploy... there are a lot of people out there (including myself) who will buy the Cd and the vinyl..

happy dayze... Big Grin
I'm really excited for the vinyl version of the new album! I fully intend to get whatever package offers the vinyl and the cd.

Some new releases that have been offered on vinyl will give you a copy of the cd within packaged in a "mini-lp" type package.
Big Grin Yes I still have my turntable. And it works beautifully. I still have my albums. Including some childhood Disney records.

I'm almost tempted to get the album/vinyl, plus the CD. I think I might. My Brother mentioned my home is like a museum. It has very old artifacts like my VCR and record player.
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Jesse: I was young and foolish! This was back in the days of those portable record players that were like little suitcases, complete with tinny speakers. I had this thing set up on the floor (first bad idea), and I had a portable television on the end of my bed (second bad idea). I got up to do something, snagged the edge of the bedspread, and the tv fell off the bed onto the record player. It bounced off, leaving a large skidmark on the vinyl. I still have that record, and it doesn't even skip that much, all things considered.
I promise to be much more careful with LM's new album. Smiler
I also ordered the vinyl version, even though my turntable is miles away right now, but I do plan to buy a new one with a good hi-fi system in the near future. Until then, the vinyl will be just a collectable display. On a note: I was shocked to read that the music quality of a vinyl is significantly superior to the cd! I had no idea. It makes me appreciate my small vinyl collection even more.
Got my LP (and CD) today, and it's beautiful! Kudos to the cover designer. I was hoping for liner notes, though.

On a lighter note, I gave myself a cardboard cut under my thumbnail as I was slitting the plastic. Well, since I haven't cracked open a new album since 1991, I guess I'm out of practice. Smiler

Big thanks to LM and QR for cheering up a grim month!

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