Simply by age I'm more or less familiar with vinyls since about fifty years. I never stopped using them with widely varying frequency. I love their charme and personality and their limited potential to be processed/refined/improved. A vinyl alone is a piece of plastic but if it's produced skillfully and with understanding and finally gets the full approval by the artist it is what the artist wants you to perceive. I'm neither academic nor audiophilic. I simply love music and Loreenas voice, her performance and interpretation.
Yes, I'm interested in more vinyls from Loreenas repertoire - past, actual or future. It's not necessarily a copy of CD-albums on vinyl maybe a different composition is an option.
As a non genuine english speaker I would greatly appreciate lyrics included other extras are fine.
Nights from the Alhambra: Why on vinyl? When at home I prefer watching the video and listening to the music. Why missing the impressive visual component of this exceptional concert?
Yes, I'd like Christmas/Winter recordings on vinyl - and of course it would sell best around that time.
I have no preferences for storage techniques - that's subordinate and has no influence on any decision.
It's a great idea to reach out to Loreenas fans to evaluate their thoughts and wishes - congratulations.
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1)I currently own a couple hgundred records and was thrilled when your first record came out. Since I grew up with records, I believe the sound quality has something ditigal does not. The only extra I would like is a copy of the words on the dust jacket.
2) Any combination of your previous recordings would be great!
3) "Nights from the Alhambra" would be good too.
4) A combination of the winter recordings are also good. I think my preference would be "Nights" first, the earlier works second and winter third. I very interested in all three, but recognize that you probably can't get them all done at the same time.
5) My preference is to be able to read each spine in the set as they will be sitting on a shelf for easy access.

I am very excited about this project and hope you get enough positive feedback to proceed. I very much enjoy "The wind tha tshakes the barley" and do have copy #1565. Some of us would probably be willing to pay extra for Loreena to sign the cover.

Looking forward to your next record announcement.

I own "The Wind that shakes the barley" both vinyl and cd. About the vinyl, I have copy #02904 with a signed postcard. This record is of high value, but it would be great if some other albums are realeased on vinyl. A collection of the best christmas carols (from A midwinter night's dream and to drive the cold winter away) for the hollyday seasons would be great. To sit by the fire listening the record, next to the christmas tree, waiting for a cup of chocolate =)
I would love to have that boxed set of her first 6 releases on vinyl LP with whatever "magazine" of photos & bios of the musicians involved and LoMc's diary musings....maybe some short articles like "The History of the Hurdy-Gurdy" and "How to Tell an Oud From a Bouzouki - A Spotters Guide" and info in the back about the water rescue group.

Can I afford the price? Not right now but maybe next year.
Would it be redundant? Yes. "The Journey Begins" was redundant but I bought it anyway (at the time I only had her first 2 albums on cassette).
Would I play it? Sure, occassionally. I bought a wicked-cool turntable back when they were on clearance (discontinued item) sale as the stores were filling up with CDs and the stores thought LPs were gone forever. Mostly, I use it to rip songs from my old LP collection that dates back to the late 1950s. No kiddin', I have Joan Baez's first 3 records, the first is as old as I am. And some of those old albums aren't available as CD re-releases.

Personally, I can't really tell the dif between a dig recording & analog, but that's largely because I wasted the best years of my life in the engine room of a Navy ship where they can't even spell OSHA. And then there's that little problem of the clicks, pops, rumble & other noise, much of it caused by leaving the record on the turntable to collect dust as I ran out & jumped on my bicycle.

I do agree that most of us don't sit in a quiet room listening to our favorite music with a forensic concentration anymore. Most of my listening is on an iPod while working or in the car where the background noise drowns out any advantage that might come from ripping digitals from a "mastered" LP. I must admit it would be a luxury item that will spend most of it's life on a shelf & when I'm dead my sisters can fight over it.

As for live recordings. I usually don't care for them. I don't want to listen to the audience screaming, whistling, coughing etc. It's especially annoying that some people start clapping & cheering at the START of a song. I hate that.

I would like to hear LoMc play a great music venue. When she came to HOuston she played at Jones Auditorium & the sound was terrible. All the bass notes were so loud that I could barely hear her voice. I guess the sound crew in that hall that night were the B-team while the REAL sound engineers took the night off cuz it ain't the symphony.

Houston, Tx

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