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Betty, è possibile che sia perché la signora McKennitt sta invecchiando e potrebbe riposare un po 'prima di andare alla prossima tappa del suo viaggio. Se ciò è vero, non c'è motivo di chiedere l'elemosina più di ciò che può gestire.

Betty, it is possible that it is because Ms. McKennitt is getting older and she could use some more rest before heading on to the next leg of her journey. If that is true, there is no reason to be begging for more than what she can handle.

Mark posted:

Not enough hours in the day! 🙃

Thank you, Mark.

In continuing with our discussion with VIP experiences and concerts, sometimes, these things aren't always easy to get by, especially when one greatly admires a particular musician and performer of his or her choice. Let me present you a most recent example.

World-renowned soprano, Sarah Brightman, has planned to do a concert tour, based on the new album, Hymn, and intends to commence it within less than two months, starting in South America. The VIP experience costs a whooping nine hundred dollars US. It includes priority seating, a meet and greet as well as a photography opportunity with the soprano herself, a pre-concert cocktail, a commemorative program and a ********* collectable. It does look like a deluxe kind of thing, but it's a little unfair to those who can't afford it.  Moreover, this sounds like I am going to have to find a way for myself to crawl through this.

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