What did you get out of Loreena's Concerts?

I have seen you in concert at the Paramount and at Woodland Park Zootunes in Seattle, Washington, USA. I am looking forward to your March 26th tour appearance. Hope you will have time to visit the Fremont Troll statue if you have time. Celt myths and stories are of course filled with such woodland spirits, gods and monsters. I am right now listening to your A Midwinter Night's Dream album. It is rotation on my stereo with Katie McMahon's Celtic Christmas and Sting's If on a Winter's Night albums. Hope you will see this post near Yule, as I would like to wish you and family and friends a Yaldy Yerking Yuletide. Hope your familiarity with Old English and Scandinavian will help you appreciate what I just wished you. Also hoping you will enjoy a Happy New Orbit as we all travel on this orb about Sol. Not knowing if you can ever make it, but you will always be welcome to view the universe through my telescope on a clear night ( however rare those are amidst Seattle and environs), and especially near Salem, Oregon in mid August 2017 for the total solar eclipse. Merrye Christe Masse!

A couple of years ago I attended an open air concert of Loreena in Hannover, Germany. I had been invited and was on the guest list. Before the concert and during the break I got into a conversation with a couple sitting next to me. About music and the world in general. I offered my theory that most people love the music that they grow up with because that time is very emotional and a lot of music is attached to those emotions or vice versa. So which music did I like when I grew up - the seventies. I mentionend Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Tangerine Dream, Bob Dylan, Lennie Cohen and Eloy. The reply from the male was: interesting, that is me. I gasped. Yes, he said, I am Eloy. I am the founder and I still own the name. Turned out it was indeed Frank from Eloy (the only German band that ever made it to #1 album charts in the US with one of their progressive rock albums).

I got an invite to visit him at his recording studio should I ever have some free time to spend in Hannover, Germany...

I've loved Loreena's music forever, it seems. As a singer myself I have often wished that I had taken the journey in search of Celtic music in its purest forms. Life, however, had different plans for me. I've seen many great artists in concert during the last 40 years but it was always my biggest dream to see Loreena in concert. I despaired of ever having that chance since I live near Reno, Nevada and she's not done many concerts on the US west coast. I'd wanted to see her when she played Seattle a few years back but tickets were sold out before I ever knew she'd be there. Last summer (2015) the announcement came that she'd be playing the US east coast. I thought it could possibly be my last chance to see her as my health is declining due to breaking my back 2 years ago. I rashly searched for tickets at any venue and finally found the last 6 tickets available (in Concord, New Hampshire). I bought it and thought I'd figure out some way to get there, no matter what it cost me. That was in July. By the coming October I was ready to set off on a journey of 3,000 miles to see my favourite artist. It was a real adventure for someone who has never traveled that far in my life. I arrived at the Capitol Center for the Arts only to find that someone else had taken my seat. I'm handicapped, must walk with a cane and was bitterly disappointed that my seat was gone. However, the venue manager was kind enough to put me right up front & center in an empty VIP seat. When Loreena came out to play I felt as though I could reach out and touch her. The concert was beautiful, the music more magical than ever, the atmosphere serene and awe inspiring. It was truly an emotionally transcendent experience for me. I can't explain what her concert meant to me, it's truly beyond words. I never thought I'd make such a journey for a concert but it was worth every dollar I spent to fly 3,000 miles.  To my delight, I was able to buy her sheet music folio so that I can now play the music at home without having to guess my way through it. Thank you, Loreena, for music that has inspired my life and for that night in Concord, NH...a concert that literally took my soul to another place & time where I reconnected with my Irish ancestors. If I never get another chance to see her in concert I will always have the memories of that magical night in my heart.  

Hi David Dorais, I've been to those 2 concerts too! And will be there with you in March. I'll be with 4 other people and some friend scattered throughout The Paramount. It's going to be a great show, as always!

I hope no one shouts out "Free Bird"!

I was so excited to see someone to the same concerts as I, that I forgot what the subject was! Oh deary me...

I can't call what I learn actual "lessons" as I see them as more of an experience. The air is different, the mood is humbled, exciting, calming, and a bit mysterious, my imagination takes off on the first note and my heart races and Loreena takes me far away from the Pacific Northwest to a realm of peace, love, beauty, and energy enchants my mind, body and soul.

Come to think of it, where the lesson lies, is in "serving the music". My percussion teacher insists of "serving the music" where you practice until you get it down by heart and you let the music carry you throughout the performance. Another lesson is discipline. Yet another popped into my head, eating healthy and staying physically fit. And 1 thing that I keep reminding myself that Loreena has taught me is to "make the time". I let time slip by me too easily. Loreena is a great resource when it comes to "lessons", for me anyways. This is a great topic. I could go on, then again I must let my husband get some sleep. Peace and Love be with all you!

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