What instruments were used in this concert?

I would like to know about some of the musical instruments I saw played in this concert. One had a crank on the side and produced reedy tones like a bandoleon. The other had a small gourd shaped body and was played with a bow, like a fiddle. I would like to know what they are called and their place of origin. I believe I have heard the bowed instrument played by the Japanese jazz music group Hiroshima.
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Thankyou Dr Ace and Mark!
I too was wondering about the Lyra, as I love the sound, but wasn't sure what it was called (althought I figured that it might be the lyra; by looking at the instrumentation credits and applying process of elimination, I ended up with only two or three possible names).

if anyone could help me out with some other identification, I would like to know what the stringed instrument was that was held flat on the player's lap and plucked with either one finger of each hand, or a pick held in each hand (I couldn't quite make out which). it was playing a solo on Santiago (although it technically wasn't a solo because the Lyra was playing a "solo" at the same time).

Also, when Brian Hughes was not playing a type of Guitar, the slightly more exotic, guitar-like instrument he was playing was an Oud, right? (I think he played it on The Mummers' Dance, and Caravanserai)

Lastly, how do you pronouce "Oud"? Roll Eyes

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