Which live songs do you prefer?

Which live songs do you prefer from the CD "From Istambul To Athens"? I was thinking to post here the first 3 songs that you prefer. Vote the first in the pool and then post the other songs.

Here is my list:
Full Circle
Beneath a Phrygian Sky
The Dark Night of the Soul
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I voted for Full Circle, my 2nd is The Dark Night of the Soul, and coming in at a very close 3rd is Penelope's Song. I love them all so much, it's practicly impossible to say one is better then another. It's like if you like the red rose better than the dark red rose. I guess it all in how you relate to the songs.
It would be either Penelope's Song ; The Dark Night of the Soul ; Santiago or...mmm...hard decision...Caravanserai probably. Although I do not know why I did even really participate unto this topic because I wouldn't be able to name just only three songs which I actually prefer anyway.
Oh my gosh, that guitar solo on Beneath a Phrygian Sky! WOW!!!! Either Loreena is extremely blessed to have Brian Hughes working with her, or Brian is extremely blessed to be working with such a talented songwriter whose work allows him to solo like that.

I think it's probably both!

So I voted for that one. I am also very fond of all the songs that haven't been recorded live before, especially The Gates of Istanbul Sacred Shabbat and Tango to Evora.

Also, has a player of the snake-charming pipe (or something similar) joined Loreena's touring band? It sounds very much like it on Marco Polo...
hahaha! Big Grin I took forever to vote for just one! That was a bit hard. I have lot's of songs that I like (live).
I did a eni-meni-mini-mow out of the songs Beneath a Phrygian Sky, Caravanserai, Tango to Evora hehe! Razzer Big Grin I chose Beneath a Phrygian Sky! Great song! Smiler
Emi xo Wink

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