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I know when their was going to be A voyage over to Europe from America, people would pray for the Ship carrying them to have favorable weather. The wind being the main concern hopefully enough to push them their. They would  pray to God casually. William Penn started as the first Governor which became Pennsylvania, people would start saying your welcome after rendering A favor because of the name of the Ship he arrived on" The Welcome". This was because they were glad he made it to America.. And of course making peace between the French, Swedes, Dutch, Irish,English and Indians making the first Stock Market. This was 1682 and wind was important for travel. Their are many faculties that branch off from this era and books such as Peter Pan explain them very well.

The way to A new beginning is having dissolved what made you doubt.Trust the joy in that what makes you tick.
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Now sailing is mainly A fun sport to participate in and people don't have that stress. It was the only quick way across the ocean, no planes, gas engines, and only their faith was the key element in getting them to America. Imagine yourself on the Mayflower just so you could read the Bible and it took months to get over to America. So several days was A big improvement on the Schooner the Ship made by the Dutch sailor. When you research pray God gives you the truth to set you free.

A good place to research history is Philadelphia, I recommend to find out about "The Day of the Saints," the fleet that started to save the whales in Australia 1610. If they had are communication people would not have gotten small pox. We the People are fortunate that we have the God given rights we enjoy. May are history be renewed to our children so they keep their freedom.Wind seemed to also be partial to the whales.

If we are driven by our desire to keep America free the light and knowledge you need will present itself. I have been learning about the connection God has with the wind. It is mentioned about how the Apostles received the Holy Spirit from A wind in the bible. History is in the making and learning from the past to better are future. I saw Loreena perform A song from her new CD and it was great to appreciate all that her music has reached around the world.

Came across some good people windsurfing, I tried it and it was hard, but once I got the hang of it the words of A song came to mind. In your heart in your soul did you find peace their. And I found peace their, what song was that by Loreena?  i hope to try kiteboarding someday but I have to get A practice kite first. May the road rise to meet you the wind be at your back and when we meet again may God be holding you in the palm of his hand. Yeah that would be A grand day indeed.

Knowing what is on the road in front of you. I had an experience on Sunday that made me change directions.They tack in Sailing and the wind propels them to where they set course. Why I turned around was they were studying A book in the Bible I did not want to read. I did find another church and was very pleased with their service. It's good I read the Bible and understood what to expect cause they had A sign over the door saying entering Babylon. Did not want to go their and remembered about the Israel people. I went into another one and they were celebrating the 4th of July. I thought this is more like it, "freedom" that's what God gave our founding fathers morals, confidence, Liberty, Justice. All these things just need to be reborn again.

Their is a Bird that makes up part of the fabric of your being, everyone has one. Some people are A common one like A Sparrow. Their are references in the Bible saying people will get renewed strength like wings of Eagles. I know from experience cause it has happened to me before. Places where you can go to learn of their importance. Are their any songs that Loreena sings that have reference's to Birds? A good way for us to be sure of this is to pray that God will grant her peace their. I heard the wind has A connection to Birds somewhere and  the name of  Kite is A Bird, go fly A Kite.

We the People are quite fortunate to have this forum to express our thoughts. Thank you Loreena, for providing this and may the wings of Freedom carry you. I am sure to know why the breezes happen upon us. And providing them with food is A way we can express our gratitude. Who knows maybe in showing your appreciation of Gods little birds, you might meet A big Angel, they carry our prayers to heaven. Noah was very happy when the Dove brought back A branch. I  know that must of been A joyful experience for them to find out they were saved. The pigeons have had many important roles ever since. The Baptism of Jesus and sending messages to help people by the French. The Dove is from the same family as A pigeon. Well hope you have fun feeding them and sometimes they land on you.

A good day in History was when Ben Franklin decided to fly A Kite in A thunder storm. He put A key on the tail and lightning struck the key. He knew this was gonna happen, A faithful man and God made the lightning strike the key. Must of been quite amazing being instructed by Angels on how to make electricity. The first day electricity was discovered changing are future to be improved, Paul Revere started to make wiring. Ben A Man from God was how he was received and know wonder he made A good diplomat to France. So from that day forward many peoples lives were changed, John Locke in France all of A sudden seemed to appear out of nowhere. Wind, rain, thunder, and lightning are the source of electricity from God and he never forgot that being the case.

Justice and freedom go together like wind, sailing and the Ship Constitution. The wind propels us forward the sails are where we want to go and We the People have Gods protection to ensure our Liberty. Knowing that people are destined for greatness in following these ideals. Ben Franklin after the storm and discovering electricity, had another inspiration from God. The "Bill of Rights," was drafted soon after, interesting how these events coincide and ensure are protection. You know who wants the best for us and in keeping with this "We the People," are going strong.

the engine was missing ... and the ship's engine was the wind;during the course of the centuries explanatory supports, direct examples to express themselves at best have always been taken from nature.numerous excerpts of opinions, concepts, parables, songs, poems were released..Even Leonardo Da Vinci copied the flight of birds' wings to paint his dream.

________the scriptures are stopped thoughts, but the thoughts of the living can progress on any reading.



Exactly even the engines we have now are from the creator. Since lightning is the spark, so are will to choose good or evil has its relevance. Ever notice when you choose creation you are blessed, yet the bad can't exist without good. Are ministers caused this was A quote in one of Loreenas songs by A narrator. Their was A storm in the song and my experience with that is liken unto Jesus Christ saving us .Bible scriptures saying he will return on the clouds with the shout of an Angel, maybe that is what electricity started to do for us, sure makes life comfortable.

I do not know the song you suggested Loreena M., but I do not agree to always connect all the things that he has named, such as the storm etc..etc .. to the scriptures of the bible. They were born together with man and man he uses it to describe his concepts, his relations between himself and the environment. Altrimendi she would be a church singer.

That song is called Dante's Prayer so in being forthwith that would make it A connection to the Bible. And man is born from A woman. So the trinity between our Creator and the Holy Spirit makes up our environment. As far as being A church singer why not good acoustics, ample seating. Will of our Lord keep and care for are beloved Loreena. Amen

In keeping with the subject about wind, me and my friends had A race from Sea Bright New Jersey to Long Island. It was wind and sails verse A car, they took the highway and we sailed across the ocean. We won and waited for them on the beach in Long Island. Now looking back on that day, I remember how moving with the wind made us pray. We were on A Cat, that's A boat with two plontoons and we had weights on so we would'nt capsize. Denise my friend was really A natural born sailor and got us through with her faith.

We can not rely on faith alone, but also on our prudence.

I also remember a sad episode and, I did not know how to pass good advice, and the person you want to save from danger is so stubborn, he answers you "there is Jesus Christ who will save me, step under that roof falling "

Days later I heard some news (it's a true fact that it happened in Italy) ... that a heavy Jesus Christ fell on a boy who was there and killed him.

(forse Betty ricorda questa notizia )

It is not pleasant to comment here of religion, because life has not only beautiful things to remember and many wounds do not heal.
When Loreena sings that religious song in French or Dante ..., I do not immediately escape listening. I like her voice, but between myself I know that I can not stay very long in front of her video, because "There is an argument between faith and reason, between science and the boundary of the unknown ".

wizard posted:

That song is called Dante's Prayer so in being forthwith that would make it A connection to the Bible. And man is born from A woman. So the trinity between our Creator and the Holy Spirit makes up our environment. As far as being A church singer why not good acoustics, ample seating. Will of our Lord keep and care for are beloved Loreena. Amen

Wizard, thank you very much for the prayer. That was a very nice thought for Ms. McKennitt. I would do something similar to that. Keep all of us in your prayers. It's important that you do. We all need good wind to help us sail on the sea of life.  That wind is the Holy Spirit and I am sure that Ms. McKennitt too could use that wind of the Holy Ghost to guide her in what she does, especially when it comes to her singing and writing music.

When I met Ms. McKennitt after a concert one evening, I said to her as I semi-quoted Pope Francis: "You are a masterpiece of God's creation." I even gave a few gifts to take along with her and one of them was a picture of Jesus, exposing the rays of blood and water (it's also known as the image of the Divine Mercy.)  

has the wind become one, a spirit? where the natural wind, the solar wind will be.

Here I thank the truth of the "CREATION": "Oh! THANKS MY UNIVERSE! CONTINUES NOT TO HIDE ME IN ME TO MAKE YOU STUDY, UNDERSTAND, NOT UNDER WHEN I LOOK FOR YOUR ORIGINALITY, the homogeneous, the purity of every single particle. The wind with you will be 'wind and the sea will be' sea and I will not 'a confused crazy fool in palpare with my senses, with my sensitive receptors my environment ...

Meanwhile, Loreena Mckennitt is original to herself, mainly I like her, ... not the spirit that carries her in every vocalization. (If there is a Creator, I think of it on another plane) I hope she has fun in her pro-competitive jumps made for her efforts.


ita :


il vento è divenuto uno uno spirito ? dove sara' piu' il vento naturale ,il vento solare .

Qui ringrazio la verita' della " CREAZIONE " : " oh! GRAZIE MIO UNIVERSO! CONTINUA A NON NASCONDERTI DA ME NEL FARTI STUDIARE ,CAPIRE,A NON SOTTRARTI QUANDO CERCO LA TUA ORIGINALITA' ,l'omogeneo,la purezza di ogni singola particella .Il vento con te sara' vento e il mare sara' mare e non saro' un pazzo confuso errante nel palpare con i miei sensi ,con i miei recettori sensibili il mio ambiente...

Intanto Loreena Mckennitt è originale a se stessa ,principalmente a me piace lei ,...non lo spirito che la trasporta in ogni suo vocalizzo.(Se esiste un Creatore, ci penso su un altro piano )Spero che lei si diverta nei suoi salti progressivi fatti per suo impegno .



english  :

ti prego non confodere i miei sensi ! li faccio presto nemici i nemici della realta' ,non farmi trascinare nel mare della menzogna,nel vento degli spiriti ... ho paura appena sento il rumore del vento  e  giro spesso nel giardino  degli alberi giganti  all'imbrunire della mia solitudine ...non ho piu' amici e ne ' sorelle!



please do not confuse my senses! ... I make them soon enemies of reality, do not drag me into the sea of lies, in the wind of the spirits ... I'm scared as soon as I hear the sound of the wind and I often walk in the garden of giant trees at dusk loneliness ... I have no more friends and sisters !



Loreenya it is good to know you gave her A gift that shared your faith. Some important people in are life make better decisions when they console with God. So in knocking or prayer one receives that gift to know what to do. Thank you and may the grace of our Lord be with you.

Airplanes ride on the air and I know their is A God, what A miracle, I looked out the window in flight and we were in A cloud. Seeing the souls of creatures, many people onboard we all were praying for A safe journey. In the turbulance the voice consoled us and to remember we have been saved. You see the souls were slain and did'nt deserve to die. When we landed in Cincinatti I realized it was A warning for people to stop mistreating animals.

il passato mi ha passato esperienze ,; una sera trasmettevano questo messaggio in tv ed una signora(adesso è morta per morte naturale ) si avvicino' al monitor,a questo Dio che faceva doni e che la gente prendeva facilmente... La signora ,anche lei voleva qualcosa ,una grazia ...Le dissi di stare attenta etc. ,ma lei fu cattiva con me.

" la VITA e L' ANIMA " sono in nostro mondo è solo un puntino visto dal punto del grande universo ,esso è sospeso e viaggia tra le galassie,quindi il mistero è pensabile ,indagabile ed è ancora un ' ? '
Qualcosa è accaduto e accade intorno a noi umani ,per questo mi permetto di fare attenzione a qualsiasi religione ,ai doni e ai consigli che escono da me.


the past has passed me experiences; one evening they transmitted this message on TV and a lady (now she died by natural death) approached the monitor, this God who gave gifts and that people took easily ... The lady, she also wanted something, a grace. ..I told you to be careful etc. , but she was bad with me.

"LIFE and SOUL" are at stake ... our world is just a dot seen from the point of the great universe, it is suspended and travels between galaxies, so the mystery is thinkable, investigable and is still a '? '
Something has happened and  happens around us humans, for this I allow myself to pay attention to any religion, to the gifts and the advice that come out of me.


I would pray in knowing God exists and hope that my faith is exalted. Thoughts are exonerated by are actions forthwith in knowing that great things can be accomplished. When help is needed you always find Christians are making that possible. And Charity is kindness that reflects the Lords peace on earth. Renewing are strength and billowing are sails to move forward into the unknown. I choose life an bless the Lord for giving me the trees, water, plants, and animals that are A constant reminder.

a quick thought for an answer that is immediately present
but charity, which I know, is extended to all religions. This religion works like this if you live it among the next people: "many people celebrate Christmas, Easter, communion, etc. but do not make substantial charity (they give a few cents from time to time to someone asking 'alms and only want to receive, be helped) The problem of hunger in the 3' world is not solved and seek people who give their life time in lost time, in exchange for food (the problem could be solved with intelligence ) They believe this God, Jesus Christ, because they hope to be saved after death and to be forgiven,because according to them, he is good, he is merciful and he took the sins of the world. If you ask an old man why follow, he replies that his followers have followed him and then he queues.

But in the gospel it is written that whoever will not do the will of his father, Jesus will not recognize these people, they are the cursed ones who will not be put to his right and will be hunted ...___________ and who will be saved?
Are we following God or the people? We are thinking of humanity, of giving it to God, but we do not ask ourselves the problem of going towards who, if we are following a true Creator.

___________________________ I disturbed my peace ... I was not calm, because I too believed. \\\\\ I found God in freedom ', I do not follow the others, no religion imposed and if I want to do charity, is already in' innate piety, in the feeling of my ess.umano, without written law!


It is not necessary to have a religion to have a moral, because if you can not distinguish good from evil what is lacking is sensitivity, not religion.

[Cit .:

Margherita Hack ]


Saggezza - da <>


ita :

un pensiero veloce per una risposta che si trova subito
ma la carita',che io sappia, è estesa a tutte le religioni . Questa religione funziona cosi' se la vivi tra la gente prossima : "molte persone festeggiano il natale ,la pasqua ,,la comunione ,, non fanno la carita' sostanziosa( donano qualche centesimo di tanto in tanto a qualcuno che chiede l'elemosina e vogliono soltanto ricevere, essere aiutati ) Il problema della fame del 3' mondo non si è risolto e cercano persone che diano il tempo della loro vita a tempo perso ,in cambio di cibo ( il problema si potrebbe risolvere con l'intelligenza )Credono a questo Dio ,Gesu' Cristo ,perchè sperano di essere salvati dopo la morte e di essere perdonati ,perchè secondo loro ,egli è buono,è misericordioso e si è preso i peccati del mondo .Se chiedi ad un'anziano perchè lo segui ,ti risponde che i suoi l'hanno seguito e quindi si accoda.

Ma sul vangelo c'è scritto che chi non fara' la volonta' del padre ,Gesu' non riconoscera' questa gente;essi sono i maledetti che non verranno messi alla sua destra e verranno cacciati...___________e chi si salvera' ?
Stiamo seguendo Dio o il popolo? Stiamo pensando all'umanita' ,di darle un Dio, ma non ci poniamo il problema di star andando verso chi , se stiamo seguendo un vero Creatore .

___________________________ Turbava la mia pace ...non ero tranquilla ,perchè anch'io credevo.\\\\\ ho trovato Dio nella liberta' ,non seguo gli altri ,nessuna religione imposta e se voglio fare la carita' ,è gia' nella pieta' innata ,nel sentimento del mio ess. umano, senza legge scritta !


Non è necessario avere una religione per avere una morale, perché se non si riesce a distinguere il bene dal male quella che manca è la sensibilità, non la religione. [Cit .:

Margherita Hack ]


Saggezza - da <>

Often times people that make falsehoods are covering up some bad persons agenda. Stay forthright in reality the winds of change with the Holy Spirit, may that guide you instead. People like Winston Churchill always got thru the bad situations. Faith is unseen but has proof when practiced and given God the credit when expressed.

I wish you to find sincerity among the pious, that yours is not a war with the faith between the false pious or the Christian.

I understand you and what you are going through, your faith is now on. I can not extinguish the faith I have, but extinguish the faith you have! That is, the subject was questionable, the universal no!


Note: the translation does not keep the concept intact!


Vi auguro di trovare la sincerità tra i pii, che la vostra non è una guerra con la fede tra il falso pio o il cristiano.

Io capisco te e quello che stai attraversando ,la tua fede ora è accesa . Io non posso spegnere la fede che ho,ma spensi la fede che hai ! Cioe' il soggetto era discutibile ,l'universale no !


Nota : la traduzione non mantiene integro il concetto !


The wind whispering thru the trees, those gentle voices are here explaining why. That is ultimately A perfect description of Faith been given and answer. Some of our answered prayers come out of creation. It might be A day at the beach listening to the waves. Our endowed to our Creator certain unalienable rights, good thoughts proclaiming God as our sovereign. And that Constitution makes "We the People," strong in that Faith. We will keep this for future generations and  our money even declares "In God We Trust."

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