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I know when their was going to be A voyage over to Europe from America, people would pray for the Ship carrying them to have favorable weather. The wind being the main concern hopefully enough to push them their. They would  pray to God casually. William Penn started as the first Governor which became Pennsylvania, people would start saying your welcome after rendering A favor because of the name of the Ship he arrived on" The Welcome". This was because they were glad he made it to America.. And of course making peace between the French, Swedes, Dutch, Irish,English and Indians making the first Stock Market. This was 1682 and wind was important for travel. Their are many faculties that branch off from this era and books such as Peter Pan explain them very well.

The way to A new beginning is having dissolved what made you doubt.Trust the joy in that what makes you tick.

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Now sailing is mainly A fun sport to participate in and people don't have that stress. It was the only quick way across the ocean, no planes, gas engines, and only their faith was the key element in getting them to America. Imagine yourself on the Mayflower just so you could read the Bible and it took months to get over to America. So several days was A big improvement on the Schooner the Ship made by the Dutch sailor. When you research pray God gives you the truth to set you free.

A good place to research history is Philadelphia, I recommend to find out about "The Day of the Saints," the fleet that started to save the whales in Australia 1610. If they had are communication people would not have gotten small pox. We the People are fortunate that we have the God given rights we enjoy. May are history be renewed to our children so they keep their freedom.Wind seemed to also be partial to the whales.

If we are driven by our desire to keep America free the light and knowledge you need will present itself. I have been learning about the connection God has with the wind. It is mentioned about how the Apostles received the Holy Spirit from A wind in the bible. History is in the making and learning from the past to better are future. I saw Loreena perform A song from her new CD and it was great to appreciate all that her music has reached around the world.

Came across some good people windsurfing, I tried it and it was hard, but once I got the hang of it the words of A song came to mind. In your heart in your soul did you find peace their. And I found peace their, what song was that by Loreena?  i hope to try kiteboarding someday but I have to get A practice kite first. May the road rise to meet you the wind be at your back and when we meet again may God be holding you in the palm of his hand. Yeah that would be A grand day indeed.

Knowing what is on the road in front of you. I had an experience on Sunday that made me change directions.They tack in Sailing and the wind propels them to where they set course. Why I turned around was they were studying A book in the Bible I did not want to read. I did find another church and was very pleased with their service. It's good I read the Bible and understood what to expect cause they had A sign over the door saying entering Babylon. Did not want to go their and remembered about the Israel people. I went into another one and they were celebrating the 4th of July. I thought this is more like it, "freedom" that's what God gave our founding fathers morals, confidence, Liberty, Justice. All these things just need to be reborn again.

Their is a Bird that makes up part of the fabric of your being, everyone has one. Some people are A common one like A Sparrow. Their are references in the Bible saying people will get renewed strength like wings of Eagles. I know from experience cause it has happened to me before. Places where you can go to learn of their importance. Are their any songs that Loreena sings that have reference's to Birds? A good way for us to be sure of this is to pray that God will grant her peace their. I heard the wind has A connection to Birds somewhere and  the name of  Kite is A Bird, go fly A Kite.

We the People are quite fortunate to have this forum to express our thoughts. Thank you Loreena, for providing this and may the wings of Freedom carry you. I am sure to know why the breezes happen upon us. And providing them with food is A way we can express our gratitude. Who knows maybe in showing your appreciation of Gods little birds, you might meet A big Angel, they carry our prayers to heaven. Noah was very happy when the Dove brought back A branch. I  know that must of been A joyful experience for them to find out they were saved. The pigeons have had many important roles ever since. The Baptism of Jesus and sending messages to help people by the French. The Dove is from the same family as A pigeon. Well hope you have fun feeding them and sometimes they land on you.

A good day in History was when Ben Franklin decided to fly A Kite in A thunder storm. He put A key on the tail and lightning struck the key. He knew this was gonna happen, A faithful man and God made the lightning strike the key. Must of been quite amazing being instructed by Angels on how to make electricity. The first day electricity was discovered changing are future to be improved, Paul Revere started to make wiring. Ben A Man from God was how he was received and know wonder he made A good diplomat to France. So from that day forward many peoples lives were changed, John Locke in France all of A sudden seemed to appear out of nowhere. Wind, rain, thunder, and lightning are the source of electricity from God and he never forgot that being the case.

Justice and freedom go together like wind, sailing and the Ship Constitution. The wind propels us forward the sails are where we want to go and We the People have Gods protection to ensure our Liberty. Knowing that people are destined for greatness in following these ideals. Ben Franklin after the storm and discovering electricity, had another inspiration from God. The "Bill of Rights," was drafted soon after, interesting how these events coincide and ensure are protection. You know who wants the best for us and in keeping with this "We the People," are going strong.

Exactly even the engines we have now are from the creator. Since lightning is the spark, so are will to choose good or evil has its relevance. Ever notice when you choose creation you are blessed, yet the bad can't exist without good. Are ministers caused this was A quote in one of Loreenas songs by A narrator. Their was A storm in the song and my experience with that is liken unto Jesus Christ saving us .Bible scriptures saying he will return on the clouds with the shout of an Angel, maybe that is what electricity started to do for us, sure makes life comfortable.

That song is called Dante's Prayer so in being forthwith that would make it A connection to the Bible. And man is born from A woman. So the trinity between our Creator and the Holy Spirit makes up our environment. As far as being A church singer why not good acoustics, ample seating. Will of our Lord keep and care for are beloved Loreena. Amen

In keeping with the subject about wind, me and my friends had A race from Sea Bright New Jersey to Long Island. It was wind and sails verse A car, they took the highway and we sailed across the ocean. We won and waited for them on the beach in Long Island. Now looking back on that day, I remember how moving with the wind made us pray. We were on A Cat, that's A boat with two plontoons and we had weights on so we would'nt capsize. Denise my friend was really A natural born sailor and got us through with her faith.

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That song is called Dante's Prayer so in being forthwith that would make it A connection to the Bible. And man is born from A woman. So the trinity between our Creator and the Holy Spirit makes up our environment. As far as being A church singer why not good acoustics, ample seating. Will of our Lord keep and care for are beloved Loreena. Amen

Wizard, thank you very much for the prayer. That was a very nice thought for Ms. McKennitt. I would do something similar to that. Keep all of us in your prayers. It's important that you do. We all need good wind to help us sail on the sea of life.  That wind is the Holy Spirit and I am sure that Ms. McKennitt too could use that wind of the Holy Ghost to guide her in what she does, especially when it comes to her singing and writing music.

When I met Ms. McKennitt after a concert one evening, I said to her as I semi-quoted Pope Francis: "You are a masterpiece of God's creation." I even gave a few gifts to take along with her and one of them was a picture of Jesus, exposing the rays of blood and water (it's also known as the image of the Divine Mercy.)  

Loreenya it is good to know you gave her A gift that shared your faith. Some important people in are life make better decisions when they console with God. So in knocking or prayer one receives that gift to know what to do. Thank you and may the grace of our Lord be with you.

Airplanes ride on the air and I know their is A God, what A miracle, I looked out the window in flight and we were in A cloud. Seeing the souls of creatures, many people onboard we all were praying for A safe journey. In the turbulance the voice consoled us and to remember we have been saved. You see the souls were slain and did'nt deserve to die. When we landed in Cincinatti I realized it was A warning for people to stop mistreating animals.

I would pray in knowing God exists and hope that my faith is exalted. Thoughts are exonerated by are actions forthwith in knowing that great things can be accomplished. When help is needed you always find Christians are making that possible. And Charity is kindness that reflects the Lords peace on earth. Renewing are strength and billowing are sails to move forward into the unknown. I choose life an bless the Lord for giving me the trees, water, plants, and animals that are A constant reminder.

Often times people that make falsehoods are covering up some bad persons agenda. Stay forthright in reality the winds of change with the Holy Spirit, may that guide you instead. People like Winston Churchill always got thru the bad situations. Faith is unseen but has proof when practiced and given God the credit when expressed.

The wind whispering thru the trees, those gentle voices are here explaining why. That is ultimately A perfect description of Faith been given and answer. Some of our answered prayers come out of creation. It might be A day at the beach listening to the waves. Our endowed to our Creator certain unalienable rights, good thoughts proclaiming God as our sovereign. And that Constitution makes "We the People," strong in that Faith. We will keep this for future generations and  our money even declares "In God We Trust."

 Their are some great ideas in knowing you can overcome problems. I think repentance is A good description of our present and needing to find faith in God. Remembering are past accomplishments that gave us inspiration to move forward into the future. I like "The Day of the Saints," cause in 1610 Australia they  came down to earth on Wooden Ships to save the whales. So in being with our Lord Jesus Christ they helped save our future. We returned the favor and now have good relations and know what to look for in keeping our future safe. How are secured faith is known to us, makes all the gadgets that we have sort of second nature. That's what we saved them from by returning their faith. I heard that song "Come Sail Away," really like being human and want to share rain healing the earth.

When I was twelve I went sailing for the first time. We took out A sunfish, me and Tom my brother. The wind was low and we had the sail all the way out. My language was none the less favorable regarding this. Why can't we go fast and I realized it was because my parameters were being set. People places and things to accomplish and I needed the right temper. I started to tell about those things to him. When he heard what it was he understood why I was being arrogant. Saving souls is what God does and if you are made A vehicle to accomplish that I'll help you. We prayed and got enough wind to enjoy the day.

Changing the subject a little bit, but staying relevant to wind sailing, I would like to ask you about regattas. On Lake St. Clair, not far from where I live, every summer, we have regattas.  Some act like it's the Nobel Prize or the Academy Awards. It could be fun to watch the different boats, maybe even having extraordinary sails. They could have pastel colors or special markings on them to give the boats an identity. Do you any boat races or have gone to any of them?

A little side note: Prince Constantine, the crown prince of Greece, was an Olympic medalist in sailing during the Summer Olympics of 1960.

Loreenya I actually started sailboarding on A skateboard, some guys who I thought might like it also turned on me. They were jealous and we fought instead, my girlfriend saw my struggle and we kept are relationship secret. Them guys ended up being so bad its A wonder I am still alive. About A year later I met A man who was from California. And I told him about the bad guys to stay away from them they don't like the wind blowing cause it proves their is A God. Ron was A photographer for A magazine Playboy, he wanted to share my idea about putting the sail on A surfboard. He got A surfboard and tried it and the first one was A flop it worked but not as good as he wanted. Then he told me that it was hard to tack standing up the sail flopped on him. So we thought maybe something stiff that flexes. I know their is some plastic material at the market in the doorway I bet that will work. I go their and talk to A man and he tells me its called mylar and gives me A phone number. Next I have to get money, he likes the idea calls Hugh and we order the mylar. We get it delivered and he could'nt wait to try it. A day later he is back and sailboarding is moving forward.

Loreenya I thought explaining how wind surfing got started and why I was happy God put Ron in my path. See when they did not like the Holy Spirit and I found out why because of bad things they were doing. Ron was A breathe of fresh air and compared to them an Angel. It was like save the human race from them and their agenda. He went to California and I stayed in N.J. and we had the eye of the tiger After several years the consciencious people regained control garbage picked up and so on.

Then we had to save the models from the dark room film developer,models being in danger Robin, Walter, made the movie Survivors. Keeping people safe from these bad guys God gave us the digital camera and color printer. Then that got into the wrong hands and now the bad guys act like their doing you A favor. See in bypassing the dark room it forced them to show their agenda, anti human. Although only three magazines had the digital cameras. Because most of them were bad. Now its like hope their are ways for people to be safe away from the internet.

Actually we did stay friends and made more connections, the digital camera and color printer made them able to regulate the dark room without them knowing. Theirs actually A movie called manhunter about this detective story. Miami Vice went on T.V. and so on. A major change that made people more able to sustain their security and privacy. It got messed up when somebody decided to steal them photos and scan them then make A web page. It was kept secret for about 15 years prior and dark rooms closed. So by being quiet about the new camera I kept my friend Ron safe from the bad anti human, polluters, and so on. A beach resort in Atlantic city went up, that was A plus cause they solved the case and shut down dark rooms and went to one hour photo developing. Still keeping digital cameras and color printers secret. Bunny's were all over the place and it was like ding dong the witch is dead. Now we have A and different problem with school and people that think surgery is how you make yourself another gender yikes. Written down in History people ran away from that way of thinking. The Constitution was written we are endowed to our Creator, certain unalienable rights. Right their I respect my father in heaven and what he gave me and God can change us to adapt to anything that he wants the Creator is awesome. Chameleons change color to camouflage into whats around them, they are endowed to their creator. West Point was built by A man who wanted to stay endowed, Mcdonald wanted to save people who were for Jesus Christ and keep their parts given.

I may have gone to Australia, windsurfing became popular their and also California. But I stayed in N.J. to get things moving again, some firemen who put oil well fires out that I helped returned the favor by buying A bus station. Then people in Bergen County were very happy, me and my friends the firemen named the buses the Red and Tan Lines. People were not afraid because the bad guys were found out, things got better. And they filmed Barney Miller the detective show in the Fire Station, Police, now also T.V. I was influential getting the cast members together. Detective Detrick was A New York City Cop, we met when the buses just started and I told him about the T.V. show. Thank God for that show and people, places, started to get active, no fear of them bad guys.

We the People need to keep informed by protecting are rights so Justice prevails. Innocent children need not repeat the past, are history holds are future for the betterment of mankind. Biblical history is only taught in private schools cause the separation of church and state. History from the Bible coincides with the happenings of modern day after resurrection of Christ. Many miracles have been explained such as the Sermon on the Mount, when he fed the people fish and bread. In England I believe it was 1670 people were starving and prayed to God and A whirlwind picked up A school of fish carrying them 60 miles inland right into the town. They were thanking  Jesus, picking up the fish in baskets. Moving forward in faith is important cause God is good. I know Environmentalist people are wanting to prevent Earth from going bad, pollution, and trees saved are some concerns. If God is given the acknowledgement toward these goals I am sure that the right group will form and accomplish it. Kind of like the Justice League remember them?

My thoughts have gotten A response sorry I don't understand the language. I will ad that I've experienced miracles from God. Then when they happen it makes your day great. Telling about them is good just meeting the right person to share them. Like when I needed tools to fix A car so my friends Dad could get picked up from the train station. I was talking to Rich on the phone and we prayed about it and on my way over to his house the tools appeared in my hands. And I told him must be on A mission from God, we went out popped the hood and I found what was wrong. The tools stayed with me for years as A reminder. His father now out of danger, it was A long walk and some bad guys, so he was happy it got fixed. He took us out to lunch many times and he told people who were influential so we could affirm our faith and grow stronger. Then I met one who I asked him to contact, that's A long story it has miracles.

The Holy Spirit is described in the Bible as the wind. The Father surrounded by rainbows in A great place described as an eternal flame, his face sparkling and hard to look upon. Holy, holy lord God almighty is what the guardians of his throne describe also eternally grateful. Theirs A rainbow continuing over the throne, water nearby.The son was A human and has been made eternal like the father, I read in revelations he has created A new earth. Jesus Christ saved us to be able to go their and that's are gift from Heaven. Just A quick over sight of what I read. Their are many books on the subject and paintings on ceilings in New York City, near the train station. I read also their are twelve levels of heaven and they are different each one and Gods present in them, but the 12th  one is where he manages all of the others. Some books say they are other planets and earth is A mixture of them. Eden is A place where God can walk, name of A Planet ?. We have that to look forward too.

Had A good experience when learning about other realms that make up Gods creation. Earth, Wind, Fire, Rain, Water, and wood all converging into making the fabric of our being. Then their are the Glaciers in the ocean, that were formed inconceivable. In praying I realized what A blessing to have things to build upon that are provided. Rocks are fire and earth, the opposite of A Glacier. One winter me and A friend were cold and did not know what to do. We got inspired to go to A Lake cause the wind led us their. Angels leading the way, then me and John were given instructions. To build A Rainbow, we made A hole in the ice, got plastic milk jugs to make bricks. We got them colored with food coloring and started building. Took A while to get the keystone or ice cube in place. It turned out great and we did not even know it was cold. People came from all over to ice skate their even A world champion Peggy Fleming. A wedding took place their, it was like going into A Heavenly realm skating thru it and the sun illuminated the Rainbow as it reflected on the ice. Very fun skating their that song Golden Slippers would describe it.

I am praying for rain their are fires and I hope they can put them out staying out of danger. Remember them Smokey the Bear commercials about preventing them, they were examples on stewardship. Give A hoot don't pollute was another example, I liked the owl representing that remark. And actually had experiences on stopping people doing that cause we had A conscience. Maybe something will change our minds for the purpose of saving creation.

Finding peace their in your heart in your soul is A gift, some people have that instilled in them. May God grant Loreena peace and Joy in her love for forests and rivers the ocean. A thought goes A long way their it seems when I listen to her music their. And the wind rustled through the branches accompanying her voice, it was terrific.

Era in quell'estate dell'anno ...,non si canticchiavano piu' le canzoni urlate in chiesa ,si sentivano i volumi degli altoparlanti di qualche macchina di passaggio e anche tu accendevi i ritornelli delle vecchie voci . Il mare non si era mai spostato ,ma gli alberi camminavano per raggiungere i suoi posti "nei tuoi ricordi avventuriosi "

Nessuna voce era stata mai con te durante quel tragitto ,nonchè un giorno una voce ti puo' illuminare l'aspetto del tuo andare ;

A walk on the Beach would be great right about now. Their is A cool place where you can feed the Seagulls. They swoop down and take it right out of your hands. Ten of them lined up in the air hovering in one spot, the wind making them not having to flap their wings. It was fun, I saw people flying kites and I went in the ocean on A boogie board. I am going to go again it's worth the trip. Hope the blessings of creation are inspiring. And it's the path God wants me to take.

... e mentre altri gabbiani pescano il cibo ,qualora ci fosse un'ala stanca ,allora il gabbiano un po' indifeso avra' il calore ,le carezze dalle mie mani per risollevarsi in volo . " Sono situazioni  che si possono   verificare  e le risposte strumentali  sono i soccorsi che puoi usare . Sarebbe triste essere forzati da un dio nel fare ,messi su un percorso per fare e non per vivere la nostra vita "

I got up to date with how to have fun in the wind when I was flying A kite on the beach. I had A boogie board that I just purchased, it was fun riding in the waves. And then by accident while I was flying the kite I jumped on the boogie board. The wind pulled me forward, then I found that I went over the curl of the breaking wave. Going about another 15 feet with the board underneath me still. So having kept the kite within my grasp I scurried catching the boogie board before it floated away. That was fun I will try it again to see if I can do the same thing. This time I tied the boogie board to my ankle it had A nylon strap on it already. Then I'm flying the kite wait for the right wave and jump on it. I do the same thing for about 15 feet. I then grab the boogie board and think I had better quit before I mess them up. I am juggling kite flying and boarding. So I then go to A telephone booth and call my sister. Hey Sharon I have got A great idea. Really what is it ? I can't tell you cause then you won't believe me you just gotta see it. I don't know if I can come that far just on A whim. Bring your friends for A day at the beach. She does bring her friends from the restaurant Matsukaze where she works. When they get their it's getting to be about 6:00 and I show them what I was doing. They think it is funny and I say if we got A board with foot slots so you could stay with the board and A bigger kite. Bingo they went for it and now people are kiteboarding.

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