Wind Sailing

I thought about the way we the people have got it good and how people from other countries are moving here. Being able to have them learn The Constitution and Bill of Rights should be required. Not undoing what makes up our body of goverment, that is what made them sick and caused them to harm others. Maybe if their is A translation they can read they will want to change the country they are in to suit them. Instead of trying to fix us, when we are not broken. Is in it amazing that when A wind came into A meeting where the apostles were wanting to be able to communicate to others about Jesus, they were able to speak their language.

I could not think of God with my criticism, because I had to believe by faith without doubting. Instead, when I was on the piano reading the notes, the thoughts took advantage of it in freedom and I also read those reflections that my mind had tempered in its hidden back.

Who were the 4 Gospels written by? Have all 4 been written by the apostles?

(God does not abandon us between forced religions , in our mind he has endowed us with freedom without conditioning. )

Figure out what part of the body the 2nd amendment is in The Bill of Rights, then you realize that part protects the Constitution, it says we are endowed to are Creator certain unalienable rights to Life, Liberty,and the pursuit of happiness. Then you naturally have rights to keep those assets, which make you free, but they don't want that. Look to Creation for answers that you can trust the wind, rivers, trees, and creatures. They blame the paper because they have to hold onto Gods word and try to change it. You will know the truth and be set free.

the constitution says, speaks of freedom '... and the 10 commandments say and you are always in the company of that god who reads, sees you everywhere and where is the implementation of your freedom' between the two policies  ?<<<<<>>>>>>

They will tell you not to believe the letter, but if they omit the meaning, by introducing convenient meanings, those meanings are erasing the original.


You owe it to yourself to follow the common sense God has given in the Ten Commandments. Being that we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed to their Creator. That's what the Constitution states and self betterment would be the goal for both these documents. Then those laws when observed bring you to A conscientious height of awareness with Jesus Christ who saves us by representing our needs and desires before God. To be free to choose our destiny is A gift that saves us from sin or the opposite. We learned from him to forgive some of those sins and punish accordingly knowing the distinction after his death and resurrection. The Apostles were given the Holy Spirit to guide them and being described as wind. Makes for all those documents formulated to guide our lives  to better serve our creator.

There is no sign of struggle and a victory for a real knowledge "since yestarday ,its words are still in the pendulum oscillation, we hope not to find it resistant in the continuous vibration of a tomorrow "

When I feel the wind, I do not think of the apostles and the spirits,

When I think of God, I think of all his creation, only with you I thought a little 'that the wind was his creation, but' without staring at me.

Something will hopefully change the effects of global warming. Gorky Park maybe is the key. The children of tomorrow spread their wings, in the winds of change. Future references are welcome in the Bible about Earth being renewed. Learning this is already preset is comforting, peacemakers, meek, faithful all inherit the Earth. Freedom and the truth our gained when actions like making National Parks were made, for us to appreciate and preserve Creation. The conscientious thought that God exists and can be found at places you can visit. Kind of like Moses going up top of Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments.

Their was Joshua that saw the tablets when he came back down. I would imagine if them laws were being broken already the common sense was unfounded. A very extreme action for Moses to perform that caused it. We are blessed to have Jesus save us from sin before going down that low. Undoing that event took years of wandering until they found their country God gave them. Must be all of them miracles, the parting of The Red Sea. The clouds following them keeping them safe. I know it must of made quite and impact, manna and quail being provided. Why they made it was by observing the laws. Very strong wind it must of took to part the Red Sea, walking thru while it was parted amazing. Although that miracle was before the Ten Commandments and  he was expecting to receive respect upon bringing them. We the People have learned to council are negative thoughts and promote well being, instead of reacting to them. Free to choose between right and wrong and having the Holy Spirit direct our path when acknowledging Jesus wants us to do right.

I've never seen it, but someone told me that in the islands of the Seychelles there is this division of water, of the sea that withdraws. Have you ever seen ( they confirmed me today that it is Seychelles )

when the sea divides, the road appears and the Italian visitors (my friends) have been nearby to see the ritual etc, and to be able to walk through.


The church apologizes for the mistakes made in the past (see the "HOLY INQUISITION" period, etc.). If he had the holy spirit at the wheel, why did he drive erring?


my sister said, perhaps the only sentence with me for so many years: "we have sinned for this we had death. But the animals because they die? (we have an 'Eva and Adam animal that they took that damn apple from the tree ?


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Their are islands that appear and then seem to vanish. Maybe they are just like A sandbar depicting the high tide and low tide. Then again could it be Atlantis? I have seen some fantasy epic on that subject, Dinotopia is A miniseries about people living on an island with dinosaurs that talk like humans. Well it is entertaining but I am not going to travel to unknown places to find it. Would be fun to fly on A Teradactle, thats their Air Force. First I would have to learn about the wind, maybe start out with A Hang Glider. And getting along with the Teradactle would be smart. How would I do that? God made us and the same Creator made them. Acknowledging that would be the first step, they actually trained them and their called Sky Backs in the show. Thought it through and it makes for some interesting scenarios.

When on A journey into the unknown it is good to have God be your guide. Being our natural GPS and navigating by the stars. Seems to me that Global Warming is being caused by clutter in the airwaves. To many satellites and radios are having some effect. Along with other causes such as air pollution, trees being cut down and finding A solution is common sense. Changing the fuel has made some improvement. Unleaded was the first step that was made. I know their will be some expedition clearing up the clutter in the future. Some of the satellites are not even functioning. Knocking on Heavens door and hoping God will answer. That would be the right attitude to have naturally.

We have met those requirements and now will be blessed? Having been through times of trouble I found my conscience is connected to the Ten commandments. And when you acknowledge Jesus as your savior, then Justice prevails and the sins are forgiven. I did what I would normally have abstained from. That is usually the case misguided circumstances that when you look back could have been avoided. Their are rare occurances when decisions of survival of the human race and Gods creatures make us sin. My case would then be brought before the Lord. I was A border line adulterer for awhile being A detective. But in doing so saved people from dying by the hands of bad guys. Now the bad guys are jealous and are trying to use mind control to make us sin even worse. The internet being the place that makes for positive or negative emotions going into motion. Obviously you can't help someone pursue happiness if their ms-13. But it seems they are trying to guise as web page providers for viewing models that are unaware, of them doing this. Its like Miami Vice on the internet now, their will always be models and web pages, just hope and pray for them to be safe and secure from bad guys.

;we did not have the light of the lamp, then one day they invented everything that helped us "dishwasher, washing machine ...". Man could not remain ignorant, he has the right to self-help himself. Why do not you have to use the tools of the trade? they do heavy work and do not tire, as opposed to us.

Even before the internet many sons of sin were born (unrecognized children).
Are you not a child of sin? You never sin? ---- the commandments do not bother you? I do not believe you're a robot, ... it's a different ...

Every now and then their are given thoughts we decipher for our benefit. A guide called your conscience, some people call it A guardian Angel. People born of sin may find this influence if they pray to God and acknowledge Jesus. This can make that redemption happen and the Holy Spirit breeze thru to uplift them so they are reborn. Many souls are going to find peace their and the world will be A better place

When their are seriously demented people like that you usually can find out by patience and trust in Jesus Christ. That man is the Son of God, so the truth will set  you free. When in discovering they are fake you don't try and know them cause that would ensnare you, A serious commandment has been broken. I am experienced with this and can honestly say it only falls on them, the falsehoods turn up trouble. I can't except their guilt of misguidance using God as A cover up, finding evidence would be made relevant and Justice will prevail. Choosing to make A case out of it might be an action taken. For instance A Cardinal just stepped down cause of A scandal. May the spirit from God in the wind whisper glad tidings and build confidence in yourself.


I absolutely do not follow this rule and it would be an obsession to resort to someone every time (in your case Gesu 'C.). It is not necessary to ask or constantly call for trust in order to obtain truth in order to feel free.
If the operators of the facts tell falsity, we will resort to 'relta' to compare it. Because by norm or on a rule we say "what is the reality of the facts?"

  it is my guide ! that is, is based on the reality that we orient ourselves

Some people are given the gift of discernment to know the truth. That has been provided by Jesus Christ who represents truth of the Creator in spirit, sending the Holy Spirit to guide us. So you just trust this fact and you will know falsehoods when they are being manifested. Making A good Judge for our betterment. I can win only in this case so why choose in believing in liars. It is just like when the wind comes out of know where and fills up the sails. You know you are right and their is know way they change that.

the human brain was created with that discernment, for the recognition between lie and truth, so it is not a gift only for some;

when one day is the moment that I will go away from this world, this will be my argument, I will defend the creation of the brain ... and I will say "I could not believe scriptures if one contradicted the other, etc ..

the believers they know are almost all strange and great liars and I have suffered lately, to take my distance. ( I certainly tell myself some lies, but my lies do not hurt anyone, while theirs are serious! )


; deepen the truth ', so very often do not believe in gods or invented, to believe the brains must also have some' promising truths.

It is knowing who created the brain, I am then confident being part of Gods universe. What an awesome world we live in seeing the creatures and plant life all have been created. Their is A surety in witnessing all the marvelous works God has made. Mystery's like where does the wind come from? Theirs and answer we all know is truth from God. In our natural state of mind we are born innocent and look too are parents for guidance. Our Creator is revealed to us and then are parents reaffirm what we are made from instilling faith. Then when we grow up in the faith, miracles are able to take place.

Some people are A long ways away from simple common sense. And would rather hypnotize just to be replacing laws of nature. Kind of people who are cyberbullys, is the abnormal behavior making problems. Their is A web page called cybersmile that got my attention. The goal their is to counter imposters who post negative ideas and use others who are unaware of them doing such things. By positive thinking and ideas that offer solutions, the younger generation should benefit. I am in keeping with my concern for those school students who want American ideals and Freedom. Knowing laws are preset to defend their rights. Its the mindset of the bad guys influencing them. I have witnessed this for myself, telling people to do bad things on A web page. May their sense of well being make for A rise in the wind and carry their prayers to God, for A revival in America. That would carry on our heritage. My natural right  to defend  given by our parents down through history as far as Adam and Eve. We the People are all connected and are smarter with staying unto God.

Primitive instinct prevails and is made of a shield enabled by rebellious feelings.

In fact it is not easy to evolve to form a beautiful thought!

However there is also the Chinese couple, the black couple, the Japanese couple, the Indian couple, and they were also before and after the primitives.  "it was the Chinese couple Adam and eva and the Japanese couple Adam and eva ....? "
And the cell was not a single Adam male who made the male Eva himself. If it's all right for you, Adam's rib was a man who did the operation himself, to become a woman ,Eva.          Therefore all the births descending from that Eva are men disguised in the worked form.

they did not mix two different substances or substances, such as water and flour, resulting in a mixture of intrusion֍

Adam's rib was a single chemical nature, so the form was changed and good became a her, but she is Adam!


She is Gods gift to Adam made from all the elements found on earth. Hence forth Eve meaning Earth. The Indians got it right when they describe earth as are mother and Yahweh as the Father God from the Heavens. I have seen Life God has uplifted from earth. It is all over the place, flowers, trees, water, and frogs that God put together somehow. Just by adding water and dirt A few seeds together poof A plant arises. I have seen far greater than this when God in A wirlwind made A person rise up. This evidence makes me glad to know he exists and makes me want to be creative like him. Many ideas and inventions are from God, gasoline that runs automobiles are from him. Just think women can drive in Iran now, We the People must be doing right if they already have been here 100 years.

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