Wish to remove avatar picture; no longer necessary

Oh why Frowner ? I liked to see your avatar...

And no avatar at all... Frowner
I don't know for the others but I always have the impression that the people on the forum who don't have avatar are not really IN the forum (= are not part of our little cosmos).
It always seems to me that they didn't finish their subscription...

But, in another way, we already know you Wink.
It's just that I liked to see you Smiler.

Originally posted by Betty:
Hi,Very Old Elf,
peux-tu me donner ton e.mail?
Can I to have your e.mail?
thanks for your reply

(Sorry Jeanne Roll Eyes)
Well, I don't give my mail on forum but I can take yours and I can write you if you want...
Je disais: je ne mets pas mon adresse sur les forum mais tu peux me donner la tienne et je t'écrirai si tu veux, comme ça tu l'auras Wink .

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