Yet another darn sheet music question!

Hi, everyone! 

I was looking at the online shop at Loreena's sheet music, and I was wondering which pieces are geared toward piano and/or harp. 

I can only partly tell what it says on the product image, but I can't seem to get an accurate description of the instruments (ex. piano, vocal, etc.) for which the arrangements are written.

I'm re-learning the piano, and I'm finally learning to play the harp that's been sitting in my room for seven years; I would really like to learn the songs that I enjoy. 

Thanks for the help!


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Hi Alexandra,

I have 3 of Loreena's sheet music and they are written for piano and guitar, so they should be easily used for harp.

There are 3 rows of music. The top line is voice, the second is for the right hand and the bottom is for the left hand. I don't know how to play guitar or harp, just a bit of piano, djembe, dunbek, congas, and of course cow bell.

The music is a simplified version of the songs so you can put your own spin on them.

I do have a blast playing "The Highwayman" "All Souls Night" and "Dante's Prayer". The funny part is when I am off the piano just running through "The Highwayman with my fingers, by the 4th measure, I end up hearing "All Souls Night" in my head. Both songs start out very similar and at times I do get confused. (that's not hard for me to do!).

I hope this reply isn't too late for you.

"In Your, In Your Soul, May You Find Peace There",


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