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I've just received the latest quinlan road newsletter, where they ask us what we think about vinyl releases and things about that. I open this topic so we can collect them all here.

I'm very interested about vinyl releases, I'm a collector but I still love to listen to music on vinyl. I use to buy them on the net or in some of the very few stores close to my town where they still sell them. To be completely honest, I'm not very interested about the lastest vinyl relase, I would be more interested about studio recordings on vinyl. I have The Mask and Mirror dated back 1994 which was available in the QR store until few years ago...and I bought it before all the copies gone. I'm waiting the release of "the visit", "the book of secrets" and "an ancient muse", I hope that they will be released in vinyl in the future.

P.S. I didn't receive the usually end of the year newsletter with Loreena's notes and thoughts. Didn't she realize it this year or didn't I receive it?

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I am very excited about the recent news of the Troubadours On The Rhine  vinyl release and purchased several copies.  I find all her recordings are better on vinyl.  I hope she continues to release ALL her older recordings on vinyl.  I was lucky enough to find vinyl pressings of the mask and mirror and the visit from - they have a lot of sellers from Europe who will ship to the USA, and the price was not as outrageous as what they go for on eBay.  I love that there has not been that long of a wait time from when they are announced to when they are released and that she autographs some of the copies.  I treasure them.  I will continue to support the release of her recordings on vinyl by purchasing several copies of each.

Thank you Loreena !!!

I hope that LM releases everything that she has recorded on vinyl at some point. I was so happy to see in the tour program last weekend that ''The Visit'' will be released this spring. That is the disc that brought LM in our house and while the cd's are fine we truly prefer vinyl (even if the original mode of recording was digital) and the people mastering the records are the best in the business. Loreena, you keep the music coming and I keep the records playing. Thank you, Chris & Gigi.

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